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#1 Our core mission is to eliminate the need to volunteer abroad.

However, crazy it may sound, we believe everyone’s needs should be met without external
help. That is why we make sure that every project our volunteers get involved with, works
towards the overall sustainable development.

#2 The concept of mindful and purposeful travel is in the DNA of Alai international

Alai was found on the premise of transparency and ultimate impact in the travel industry. Every
decision we make at Alai International transcends the bottom line and focuses on creating the
most positive change both for the volunteers and for the local communities.

#3 Glocal community
We believe the future is glocal. We want all your travels to be filled with authentic local
experiences and people. That is the only way we accept travel ourselves. Eat, live, work and
enjoy your time the way locals do. Why be a tourist if you can be part of the local community
anywhere in the world?

#4 Safety
One of our biggest priorities at Alai is providing a safe and smooth experience for our
volunteers and for the receiving parties. We require background checks from every volunteer
and every local operator. Each program is measured with risk assessment procedures and
provides clear guidelines for your entire stay.

#5 Personal growth
Our goal for every trip is to make a volunteer come back from another country with a fresh
perspective on life and the world. We provide guidance on how to best leverage your
experience abroad to get a job or get into the university.

#6 Adventure
If you are not coming back from a trip with tons of great stories to share with friends, you are
doing it all wrong. The beauty of volunteering with Alai is that you get to explore the local
culture and nature in your free time. Our local teams have established partnerships with local
travel companies to provide our volunteers with access to trustworthy travel and tour activities
during the weekends.