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Either you are looking for a volunteering program or already getting ready for the trip, you do not know what to expect or what should you be aware of. Here are a few tips you should get familiar with!



  1. Research what required and recommended vaccines you need.


If you traveling outside your home country, you need to learn about what kind of vaccination you required and recommended. This is one of the most important parts of your safety. You may be responsible for all medical protocol yourself and you need to make sure to be aware of your medical history and what potential risk can be (vaccines, altitude, allergies)



  1. Check your passport expiration date and if any visa needed to the country you are visiting.


The first thing to pack is your passport. Check the country’s border regulations website to learn about legal documents, allowed length of stay, visas, and documents you might need. Depending on the country, there are different travel regulations that can require your visa prior to or on the arrival. In order to guarantee your legal entrance and pleasant departure, plan your documents ahead. We also provide confirmation of your attendance in our programs in case the embassy of a visiting country requires one.




  1. Check your insurance and prescriptions


There are diverse healthcare systems around the world. If you are taking prescriptions or non-prescription medications, make sure you have enough for your entire trip. Some drugs might be not available or require a prescription from your doctor. Don’t worry, you might find analogs of simple things you need, however, it can take time or be hard to get something very specific. Also, we highly recommend obtaining international medical insurance! We can recommend some options, reach our consultants.



  1. Get familiar with the project and what you might need


Depending on the project placement and destination, learn more about what you are going to do. There might be some things you should prepare or research before your arrival. For example, teaching volunteering might require learning about techniques, material or teaching psychology for kids to perform better. More information you know, more impact you do!



  1. Getting ready for the trip


It is better sometimes to write down necessary contact numbers and address information before your arrival in your destination. Usually, our drivers arrange airport pickup but it’s always better to be prepared for everything.


Do not forget to let your bank know about the upcoming travel. For security purposes, banks might freeze your account at unusual locations. ATMs of your bank probably are not available in other countries and to avoid overpaying, you might bring some cash since the number of places in smaller towns or suburban areas requires cash.


Also, it’s always good to have copies of your passport and documents on a phone or paper.



  1. Conscious packing


Check the weather conditions what country you are travelling.   Your first priorities should be comfort and functionality. Another thing to consider is what will be culturally appropriate in the community you will be visiting (sometimes too short shirts or shorts can be taboo). Do more research on culture, traditions, and norms of the country you will be living. Backpack or suitcase? It is mostly on you, whatever way you feel comfortable. Some locations won’t have nice road and require walking through areas you really need a backpack. Consult with our project managers if you have any questions.

Got questions along the way?

Now you are ready to explore and lead your volunteering experience!


Since you have the necessary knowledge to prepare what you have control over, now confidently start packing and preparation. Let our coordinators know if you will have questions along the way!


Trust and respect are the building blocks of Alai’s core values as a company and as a society.  We believe learning and embracing a different culture is an antidote to ignorance, discrimination, and other social challenges.