Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice is intended to enable you to comprehend all conditions and terms of how we use and store information you provide. We stand to give you full information in order to make meaningful decisions. Alai International takes seriously ensuring safe date processing. If you have any questions according policies, please feel free to contact us. Please note that our privacy may change over time. We recommend reviewing it periodically and staying familiar of your rights.

Information we obtain

We collect information through various means. When you fill out application or someone representing you, email us or register – you provide personal information that may include: your first and last name, contact details, email, date of birth, country of birth, educational information, emergency contacts, address, telephone number, programs you joined and demand, travel details, feedback and if applicable, credit card and bank information. We could gather it through online application, email or communication channels with us.

In order to improve our service, we also gather non-personally identifiable information from visitors on our website using cookies to define what type of information you interested the most, time you spend on any sector, time and origin of your visit, and IP address. If you want to know more about how cookies work, please refer to your browser documentation.

How we process and purpose you information

We always want to improve, analyze and grow our service. We can share information needed to successfully manage organization, discuss engagement you had with us, sum statistics based on your provided information through our channels of communication, progress our marketing strategies and applications. Feedback and testimonials you provide alongside with name and images you pooled by Alai International may be used for promotion reasons.  We may share some information with our organizational and business partners, employees and directors. We do not share information with parties, except who may assist us. We may send information

about our offered programs and products, if you want to unsubscribe from our marketing list please us know.

Contacting Us

If you have any additional questions about our Private Policy of how we use, store or process your information, please contact us through following:

We are here to timely respond and reply to all your occurring questions.