Animal Rehabilitation



Take part in maintaining the animal rehabilitation rescue center for abandoned animals and also attend various awareness programs in beautiful Cyprus.


Culture Week



Get familiarized with the customs, culture, surroundings and more of this rich and ancient country.



Name: Republic of Cyprus

Population: 1,141,166 million

Capital: Nicosia

Language: Armenian & Cypriot Arabic

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Time zone: EET (UTC+2); Summer EEST (UTC+3)


As gorgeous as the goddess Aphrodite, rich in myths, history and culture, both European and Oriental, Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents. Mysterious as well as restless, politically divided yet unified in culture and tradition, it proudly waits to bestow on the visitor the magic of this past and present, brilliant sunlight,, sparkling sea and exceptional natural surroundings.

Enjoy the rich and varied cuisine and vivid nightlife. Dive in the emerald blue sea and explore its rich marine life. Stroll around its unique antiquities, admire the monuments left behind by its various conquerors and visit its numerous Byzantine monasteries and chapels, many of them World Heritage sites. Cyprus, the inspiration of artists of many cultures over many centuries will give you memories and experiences you will cherish for a lifetime.

Cyprus has long been popular with travelers. Its beauty and glorious Mediterranean weather have been the inspiration of many writers and artists. The numerous archaeological treasures are a sight to behold, so make sure you have a camera. The villages of Cyprus offer a wonderful contrast to the towns. Each village is different from the next and each offers its own unique and memorable moments reflecting the slower pace of life, closely linked to the passing seasons.

Larnaca: The name Larnaca comes from the greek word “Larnax” meaning sarcophagus, many of which have been unearthed in this area. Legend has it that the first settlement at the spot was founded by Noah’s grandson, Khittim.

In the 18th century , Larnaca became a trading centre for the island and, since the 1974 Turkish invasion, the airport there has developed into the main international airport of Cyprus.

The fine, paved palm-fringed, coastal road is really attractive, with its multitude of flowers, neat cafeterias and restaurants. The residents of the area have had a bust of Kimon of Athens erected on the right end of the breakwater in honour of the ancient warrior who was killed here in the struggle to liberate Cyprus from the Persians. In front of the breakwater is a Palm Beach, with its wide sands and clear sea (awarded a blue flag). In June every year, on the feast day of the Holy Spirit, the Cataclysm (or Flood) Festival, dating from the period of Venetian rule and consisting of a variety of events including yacht racing, is held over a two-week period.