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Alai International was founded by two female leaders, Meri and Alina.  It all started after Alina had her first volunteer trip in Peru, where she volunteered in a local kindergarten. Seeing the joy in the eyes of Peruvian children inspired her to make the voluntourism industry more transparent and impactful. Meri joined Alina’s initiative to make a global impact with Alai International. Now there are more than 40+ destinations available with more than 300 programs.


Our vision is to see the world without borders. Every human should be a global citizen, who is capable of making an impact anywhere in the world, by volunteering, traveling and learning.

Our mission is to empower people to make the most impact while exploring the world.

 We take pride and responsibility when it comes to informing and ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for the entire trip. We are committed to learning and growing alongside our participants and make each experience memorable. We believe growth comes with authenticity and the genuine purpose of creating a better future for all generations.


Our mission is to empower people to make the most impact while exploring the world.


Trust and respect are the building blocks of Alai’s core values as a company and as a society.  We believe learning and embracing a different culture is an antidote to ignorance, discrimination, and other social challenges.


We value honesty that is proved by transparency.

We value impact not only through facilitating volunteers abroad but also investing in social enterprises abroad.

We value adventure and life-changing experience.